Dear Friends,
Great news! Transformazium is partnering with the Braddock Carnegie Library and Dipcraft Manufacturing to implement a neighborhood screen printing shop. The shop will be housed in the library. Necessary equipment including a vacuum table and a wash-out sink have been generously made available by Mike Tobias and Dipcraft. Transformazium is ready to put together these amazing resources and make a new one!

The shop will meet the need for increased communication between local organizations and residents by facilitating the production of posters, bulletins, and other informational material. It will provide an affordable means for producing printed T-shirts. It will create opportunities for entrepreurship. It will be an active place for the exploration of the creative process. We are really excited about it, but we need help from you, our friends and neighbors, to make the studio a truly vibrant space. We need your input and insights, your energy and participation. And we need some other things too. We made a list.

We also need money! So that we can buy ink and emulsion and fund programming. Please consider making a donation if you are able.
Contact us at if you have supplies you would like to donate. Or mail supplies to us at P.O. box 621 Braddock Ave. Braddock, PA 15104. We are also interested in your input. We are interested in your ideas and questions. Please be in touch!
Screens for printing. All sizes and meshes!
Squeegees. All sizes.
Hinge Clamps like these.
Registration Pins.
Water-based Inks.
Water-resistant emulsion.
Emulsion Remover.
Scoop Coater.
Yellow Fluorescent Safe Light.
Plastic sealable tupperware (for mixed inks).
Permanent Markers and Paint Markers.
Pencils, Pens.
Tape (Scotch, Masking, Painters, Waterproof).
Paper (Artist and Office).
Printable Acetate.
Boxcutters, X-actos, Blades, Scissors!!
Rags/Paper Towels.
Hand Soap.
Small Scale.
Heavy black fabric (felt-like?) for light-omitting curtains.

We expect to go through things like tape and paper and paper towels and soap on a regular basis, so these are a bigger help than they may initially seem! And if you really love us. . .
Power Washer.
Drying Rack like this.
Flat Files.