About Art Lending Talks

Welcome to Art Lending Talks! A place to talk about lending! Noo.. Art lending? Maybe just art? Before we start the fun Let me first introduce myself, the words that first colored my birth certificate was Jonathan Reyes, I am a current Art Lending Representative/Resident Artist in Residence at the Braddock Carnegie Library and when I’m not fighting for the art world and getting art on the streets I’m on the streets fighting for social change using art to make a statement. I am often asked questions like what do you think society can do to change racism, or how can the community come together to lower the crime rate? So I came together with the Art Lending Collection to create this very unique forum where I can give you my opinions as well as get the opinions of others, There will be photo posts inquisitive conversations and sometimes just me writing thoughts and feelings about certain topics. So lets get into more about Art Lending Talks.

Well at the Braddock Carnegie Libraries Art Lending Collection (BCLALC) we talk about a lot. Community, economy, and politics are just a FEW topics that come to surface at BCLALC aside from art. Why? Well because of vibes! I mean walk into the Art lending Collection and the the walls just start talking to you, windows reveal life’s secrets and the floor is just to dance on.

So my goal is to sample that feeling, drag it down to my laboratory, extract it’s potent content, do some dissecting and create some literature out of it. The general Idea behind Art Lending Talks is to establish a place that honors multiple approaches to art by collecting opinions. Every movement has an image is a phrase I’m famous for spitting out, yet every onlooker has another view. We welcome those views and dare you to express yourself right here on Art Lending Talks because thats is exactly what art stands to do, express itself.

Join us in the conversation!

Jonathan holding his son Jonathan’s Urn

From left to right: Jonathan Reyes and Jona Reyes

Jonathan doing some article editing