This is a Request!

This is not an ARTicle, it is an urgent request!

As an Arts and Culture Facilitator I stand to represent the YOU in art. I keep my ear to the streets and try to make connections in under-served communities. I take the messages of the artwork that we have adopted at BCLA’s Art Lending Collection and use them as the imagery of any topic I’m faced with.

The Art Lending Collection is very new, and there are holes here and there that I expect to run into. When we at BCLA, specifically myself and Mary Carey, run into these holes we make a move to fill them in. We have successfully covered so many categories that orchestrate a need for change in areas such as racism, urbanism, the woman’s voice, governmental iniquities against man kind, prisoners rights/outreach and even the importance of play.

Today I am saddened. After standing up as a community leader agreeing to take action against violence and mimicking the messages of long time leaders such as Tim Stevens, Rob Conroy, Fawn Walker Montgomery and Valerie Dixon, I came to work today to see what I’ve got to offer and came up with NOTHING! This is a failure HEAVILY on MY conscience because I should have noticed it much sooner. I shouldn’t of woke up at 8 in the morning, checked my phone, heard that shots were fired at a Homewood vigil not even 2 days after we all stood together urging for action throughout our community for me to notice that I have NO ART that directly targets violence. My latest ARTicle has a photography of guns in police museums and even with great persuasion it was not enough!

I am reaching out to a visual artist, hopefully an Allegheny County resident, to fill this void for me! At the Art Lending Collection we seasonally collect artwork for circulation-meaning I work at a library and people can check your artwork out the same way they would a book and bring it back a few weeks later for someone else to enjoy. By blessing me with your statement I can promise to give your art the ability to really engage with it’s audience uniquely.

A short bonus mission is if you have read any books that have taken an artistic approach to violence send me a title!

In the past we have proudly taken our artwork to outstanding events such as Summit Against Racism, traveled to local businesses who have honored the use of our art to encourage public conversation, and we also still partner with the educational department at the Carnegie Museum which has hosted our artwork and would like to keep an open window to us.

If you or someone you know can help me resolve something that should have been done by me a long time ago please give me a call.

Braddock Carnegie Library – 412-351-5357 ask for Arts and Culture Facilitator Jonathan Reyes.

Black Leaders

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