Our Nature Is Our Virtue: The Series

Untitled: Our Nature is Our Virtue Series By Ginger Brooks Takahashi

Untitled: Our Nature is Our Virtue Series By Ginger Brooks Takahashi


This piece has been in our collection from the very beginning; and yet, it has proven to be one of the most difficult for me to engage with.


The piece is made up of words. What can be so difficult?


Well let me suggest even more of a problem:

The Artist herself, Ginger Brooks-Takahashi, is not far from reach, she has a very personal relationship with me and other folks of the library. There hasn’t been a month that has gone by that I haven’t seen her 3 or more times! Shouldn’t I know more? Be more professional of “all things Ginger?”


I think my excuse, if any, is that she respects the speculative aspect of ALC in which, even if we know the real story there is a chance we may personalize it and encourage more personalization from others. So shall we?


What you are seeing is a white cloth with blue lettering, cross stitched with thread that reads:












The words are stitched into the fabric, one of Ginger’s favorite mediums.

I see this text and questions arise. Who has chosen this journey? Is ’holding me on the neck’ violent? Is this a riddle?

A SHIRT! She’s talking about a shirt isn’t she? Because the collar is around your neckline but without arms and shoulders it would be hard to keep the shirt on! Plus it’s stitched on cloth which is typical for shirts!


Makes sense sort of, if I blink and squint really hard.


Punctuation, and this is not an attempt to pose to be an english major, is also an issue for me. Without it, it leaves an unlimited amount of assumptions to be made. Are there two sentences? Is this one persons journey or two people? This is why you have chosen to be on the journey. Holding me on the neck borne on my arms. Is someone being stalked? Is someone being arrested? AHA! A civil rights activist! Standing for greater good while being punished by the law of man!


Pretty common, happens all the time.


This is why you have chosen to be on the journey, holding me on the neck, borne on my arms. Awe! I remember when I got married! There was that moment, when Jona and I were sealing the deal, the moment everyone waited for after hearing the words “I do”. I pulled the veil up and gently pulled her in as she embraced me, holding me in her arms, we became one as we kissed.


The point is, I would use this art to advocate all of these ideas. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Make it your story.


This Art is available to be checked out at the Braddock Carnegie Library. Take it home and enjoy it for the next 3 weeks. See you soon!


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