Introducing art from the Art Lending Collection

Check this piece out at the Braddock Carnegie Library!

Paul Robeson by Lincoln Cushing

The man depicted in this piece of art was alive between the years of 1889 and 1976. Not the strongest time period for the Black man in America, yet he is undeniable like a statue that refuses to be knocked down. Elegance shines bright through his dark clothing which is garnished by his bright confident smile and a silver emblem stretching across his torso. Phi Beta Kappa is what the emblem represents which spoke volumes to the mans educational background. The text at the bottom gives an extremely brief bio and a quote from the man himself: Paul Robeson.

When I saw this image I had no clue who he was. But of course I was interested enough to learn more and it made absolutely no sense as to why this was the first time I was hearing about him. I mean honestly it just makes sense…. MLK, Rosa Parks, Malcom X, PAUL ROBESON! This man was a trail blazer in the Black community and a motivation to be the best we can be! 20 languages, law school graduate and he knew 20 different languages! I haven’t even learned spanish yet and I’m Hispanic! Now when I look at this image I see the endless possibilities I can become, and more importantly, my children can become.

Lincoln Cushing made this image possible whom is a very interesting person himself. I’l be happy to bring you up to par soon after we are done discussing his work!

Where does this image take you? Share your story or opinion with me!

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2 Responses to Introducing art from the Art Lending Collection

  1. In my high school years I went through multiple phases that effected my education in different ways. That is why if you were to look at my credits you would look at me and say ” well it looks like you were smart when you wanted to be. When I was focused I would create this mental image of myself. My accomplishments and logic. It’s crazy to look at this image and see what kind of man I wanted to be. Is it to late? Do you have high standards for yourself? – Jonathan Reyes

  2. Do you know Paul Robeson? Care to share a bit of history with me? Has he connected to you in any type of way?

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